BMS Contracting is the sister company of BMS Consulting, our specialist business providing expert services to the building services industry, such as system design and troubleshooting.

We operate as an agency, providing engineers to support system houses through their busy periods. However, we are not like any other agency in the industry.


We are highly experienced controls engineers with a passion for developing talent within the industry so we work with all of our candidates to enhance their skills. 

BMS Contracting provides support services and vetted labour to the Building Management Systems industry. 


BMS Consulting is a dynamic practice specialising in the building services industry. Whilst, as our name suggests, we are experts in the field of Building Management Systems, our services and knowledge span a much broader spectrum. 


We provide client services such as technical advisor / critical fiend, litigation expert witness and strategic development plan analysis. 


We provide resident engineering services in major projects.


We develop specifications for specialist electronic systems such as fire alarms, BMS, smart buildings and access control.


We undertake complete system validation, troubleshooting, commissioning support and management.